My traditional ‘task’ at the end of the year – looking back over my photo-a-day project. I update a spreadsheet with numbers, but also enjoy remembering places I’ve visited, things I’ve seen, and looking at which photos other people have enjoyed on flickr.

2018 statistics

Views of all photos: 384,648 – over 1,000 views a day on average.

Views of photos chosen as photo of the day (PAD): 74,017, which makes a daily average of 203 views.

The most viewed photo is a curious one, as it is simply of 3 books, all of which relate to libraries.

Library Books has at time of writing had 3,195 views. In 2nd place was another library photo: Inside Hebburn library had 1,040 views.

It is always nice when people react to a photo – and it was lovely this year as almost every single photo in the album has at least one ‘like’ or comment.  There were lots with between 6-8 likes, then one (the Sage, Newcastle – plus its reflection in the Tyne) with 9 likes and 6 comments, but the top of the chart was one I called ‘Wisteria Smile‘ – with 10 likes and 3 comments.

The least viewed is the photo below [36 views at time of writing]. Not surprisingly as it is fairly recent, and was one of many loaded in a batch from our recent wonderful holiday. It is perhaps not as eyecatching as the hummingbirds, sloths or toucans, but does remind us of a beautiful day on one of the highest points in Costa Rica, and which I was delighted to discover later is part of one of their UNESCO world heritage sites!


Nature remains the most popular subject I capture with my camera. Besides many views of scenery and wild places, 143 were studies of flora and fauna, including:

  • 18 animals – out of which 7 were the foxes who were frequent visitors to our garden
  • 37 flowers – including 9 orchids (some wild, some exotic, but the most noteworthy this year was the burnt tip, a single flower possibly making its first appearance in Kent for 5 years)
  • 31 birds – again, from the garden familiars to the more exotic (including the resplendent quetzal)  and 3 owls. On the owl theme, I also chose 15 ‘owl related’ photos – which includes owls carved in stone, on book covers or beer labels, or one on the owl trail in Bath
  • 11 butterflies and moths

In total, 39 PAD photos were taken in our garden.

At least 55 photos feature places in London, while 18 are in Rochester. And this year 11 feature UNESCO world heritage sites (besides the one mentioned above, we visited Kew gardens, and Durham cathedral.)

In the spirit of pushing against your comfort zone, I always have good intentions of taking more photos of people, and did reasonably well this year – with around 14 featuring people, plus 5 of N (usually his hands – cooking, or mending something).

22 photos are transport related. This includes 9 trains, 5 boats and 6 of planes (boosted by a number relating to the centenary of the RAF – including the one below, which conjures up the wonderful memory of standing in the Mall watching a spectacular flypast of different kinds of planes).

I published only 6 sunrises/sunsets, but kept up the well-known social media
tradition of recording food: 16 of the photos in the project were food or drink related (including lots of cakes!).

A random category that I noticed a cluster of this year, is flags – 6 in total, maybe prompted by anniversaries and international gatherings. I published 3 photos relating to the suffrage centenary, and was impressed and moved by the many different ways of commemorating the centenary of the end of the First World War – and published 6 PAD photos relating to that.


Deserving of its own paragraph – as mentioned above, the 2 most viewed photos were library related. 39 PAD photos were of libraries – well, I did visit 101 this year, so it is understandable. Over the next week or so I’ll echo last years post, and round up my memories of all the libraries visited. Still lots to see, but memorable ones are when I made the effort to visit ones that have been on my list for ages, like the dramatic concrete modernist library at Swiss Cottage, or the library in Upminster where my mum used to work.

There were also 8 book related photos.

Overall numbers

As a final numbers roundup, aside from the photo-a-day images, on flickr overall I now have published 12,421 photos (some of which are restricted to family and friends only) with 1,866,658 views (according to flickr stats, which do go through wobbly patches so I’m not 100% sure how reliable they are!). And out of that total, I now have 90 photos which have each been viewed more than 1,000 times!

I’ve published 17 albums during 2018 – about average – although the grand holiday album this year broke the record for contents, with 237 photos. Well, Costa Rica is so beautiful and we saw so much, it was very hard to choose!

Personal favourite?

I still can’t believe we got this close to a wild sloth – and the cherry on the cake was that she’d brought her baby too.

45321650565_657ce4345f_z (1)

Sloth: mother and baby. Cahuita, Costa Rica

And this photo of a vulcan, as I was not expecting it, and it brings back memories of an interesting couple of days in Lincolnshire libraries.

Plus, just like last year, we were lucky enough to go to a wedding on a gloriously sunny day. This year saw us on the Isle of Man catching up with all my cousins. The day had lots of memorable moments, and this photo sums it up:

What next?

I can’t stop now – I’ve published a photo for 1 January – and opened my 10th Photo a day album. Happy New Year, and I wonder where 2019 will take me?