Haven’t published a blog for ages, which is definitely not a reflection of lack of activity. I’ve attended some thought provoking events, read some inspiring stories of progress in the digital world, and have made some not unsubstantial steps in my own work.
However, all of the notes, thoughts and experiences have never made it here – which has actually become a minor source of annoyance (for me!) Hadn’t realised how much I use my own blog as a diary and aide memoire for people and things, until I stopped producing it…… so here goes, back with renewed intent, I plan to publish a short series of notes and write ups – some long overdue, covering:

  • digital in government (definitions, progress of others)
  • digital in DFID (digital panel, digital event, thoughts on capability building)
  • networks (Whitehall and Industry Group, More Tea Vicar)
  • events (visit to vodafone campus)
  • and the odd noteworthy presentation I’d like to store up to refer to again (Buzzfeed).

And this post serves as an aide memoire to that intention!