Feeling the sense of relief when something you have worked towards for a long time reaches a significant milestone. Tuesday saw the first meeting of DFID’s digital advisory panel. First mentioned as an idea when we went through the process of drafting our first digital strategy, it has taken a while to canvas nominations, appoint a chair, and start thinking through a programme of work. But this week, I’m just pleased we met. It wasn’t the whole group unfortunately, trying to find a date that all 9 could make proved impossible, but we did have five in the room, one via video link, plus myself and the chair.

Following introductions (and it honestly is appropriate to use the word ‘awesome’ when you hear their CVs and experience), Tim Robinson, the chair set out his aspirations and I gave an overview of how we got here, and where our current activities are focused.
Next followed an hour of interesting questions and debate over the scope of their remit, medium vs short term goals, definitions/scope of digital and technology, … And agreement as to how the group will work together.

There will be a more formal post on the main/official DFID blog platform, with information on the members and their wide ranging and diverse careers [I’ll add the link once it is published].
Each member was chosen to represent different sectors, including academia, NGOs, entrepreneurship, private sector and philanthropic organisations, and judging by the level of questions and debate today, I’m expecting lively future meetings.
This panel is unique among government departments although the GDS/Cabinet Office did convene their own advisory group to inform the overarching strategy and GDS work.
The agenda and remit for ours will evolve and solidify, but in essence their role is to advise and challenge us, on both in house and external activities/commitments as set down in our digital strategy. Their collective voice will have the weight to request answers, and to commission more work, and I look forward to working with them all.

Have been in a bit of a blogging hiatus for a while, with lots of half complete drafts, some not able to be published yet, some simply overtaken by other events, but I’m hoping that this milestone and the meetings that follow will give new drive and momentum to both my own work and wider digital programmes at DFID. All positive in view of the challenge from our Secretary of State: “Since taking charge of my Department, I have been clear that technology and innovation will be a constant theme in my work at DFID, and that I expect to see the department making the most of the latest advances in technology and research. ”


Update: Since I published this post, I have blogged on the main DFID platform to introduce the panelists.