Another year’s photo-a-day project completed – with a bonus extra picture as 2012 was a leap year. A roller coaster year, with personal family sadness, but curiously I didn’t put down the camera, and find it strangely comforting to look back now and see what I chose to record on days when I can’t really remember doing anything atall. We also passed another of life’s milestones as after 20 years in a tiny Victorian terrace, we moved house. We’re still in Rochester, but came forward a century in time, as we bought a brand new house. That gave lots of opportunities to take photos to record aspects of the move, but also a new walk to the station and lots of different things to notice.

On with the statistics: Most popular and/or “interesting”

By a long way, it was the Govcamp T-shirt: 462 – also no. 4 in the all time views list, no. 150 in what flickr describes as “most interesting”.

GovCamp 2012 t-shirt

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt…..

I agree its not that interesting a photo – more one for the record – but its position makes it even harder to try and understand the flickr interestingness algorithm. This photo has same number of comments as others which appear much higher – must be something to do with popularity over time too? (still behind last years top photo, which continues to be popular – ‘ripples’ has now reached 728 views)
Others high on the list were Pelican: 373 (also no. 8 all time views, no. 50 ‘interesting’), Owl mugs: 302 and Tube lights: 278
2012 diary photos had over 100 views (at 31 Dec 2012) – 31

To update other figures in the style of last years blog post (comparing with previous years in square brackets):

Number of diary images which appear in my top 20 all time most viewed: 4 [last year it was also 4, 2010: 2]

Number of diary images which appear in the top 20 all time ‘most interesting’: 4 [last year: 9, year before: 6]

Total views of photo diary images during 2012: 25,671 [21,111 in 2011, and 8,680 in 2010]
Average views of each image: 70 [58 and 24]
Total views of all published photos during 2012: 67,320 [2011: 49,791 and 22,577 in 2010]

Categories include:
Event/date specific: 46 [about the same, 54 and 41, although my definitions of this category are non scientific!]
Local photos (Kent) = 66 [up on last years 48, but still fewer than the 95 taken in 2010]
London: 105 – bolstered by 46 taken in St James Park [up on last years 86, which included 28 in the Park, in turn up on 76 taken in 2010]

Travel related: 24 – this year I didn’t include all nights away from home, as we spent a lot of time in Gloucestershire. [55 in 2011, 43 in 2010 (these totals include all day trips and weekends away from home)]

Owl related: 20 [14 in 2011, 11 in 2010]

More libraries: 10 [4 and 7]

Fewer sunrises: 8 [just down from 9 in 2011 and 13 in 2010]

The natural world continued to feature strongly:
flora: 74 [huge growth over 49 in 2011 and 43 in 2010]
while fauna also increased: 47 [up from 41 in 2011 and 17 in 2010]

And the St James Park pelicans continue to feature – one of which was mentioned above as capturing people’s attention.

Pelican in St James Park

What it is to be a star!

Less transport overall:
fewer trains: 4 [14 and 8], fewer boats: 4 [5 and 6], fewer cars: 3 [5 and 0],
planes: 2 [0 and 5] and other transport: 3 [8 and 2]

Food and drink, about the same: 28 [23 and 12]

Still not doing that well with people: 20 – although there were a couple of portraits [24 and 18]

I’ve replied to some people who asked if I was planning to continue in 2013 with yes, and added the explanation that it is a bit of an addiction. While this is true, its also an education – especially as this year I was given a digital SLR, so continuing the photo a day habit is good opportunity to practise. The flickr albums also provide a nice diary snapshot of the year, and mean I can compare the changing of the seasons, when flowers/leaves appear and disappear, and also recall with precision when I did certain things – helpful evidence in occasional resolving of arguments!

Here’s to 2013 – I look forward to seeing how the people I feel I have got to know via flickr see and record their year.

PS – As an example of the wonderful serendipity of social media, just before I was about to publish this, I followed the link tweeted by @russellphoto : – and besides the neat twist that he shares my initials, I also share many of his thoughts and can relate them to why I take photographs. I would add though, that I’m always surprised by just how many of the pictures that I would consider ephemeral do continue to be viewed – perhaps that the librarian in me though, who can’t just publish, I always try to geotag, describe, label and otherwise make sure stuff is findable!