Following my lengthy blog post at the end of my first years photo a day project, thought I’d look back on 2011 and (as I’m still fairly intrigued by stats) look at how this years project differed – or followed similar lines.

First difference, I joined 3 different flickr photo a day groups – first: Photo a day challenge 2011, was the smallest, but the one I enjoyed most, as just like 2010, it meant I could almost get to know most of the group members through their photos, and share their years. This time, 2 people I knew also took part and I enjoyed seeing how Ann’s and Sharon‘s years unfolded – both of them experiencing many more life milestones than I did! The other 2 groups were the massive Project 365, which I dipped into occasionally, and the One pic a day 4 ever (again, small, as the qualification is that you have to have completed at east one 365 project). This latter group included one member from the 2010 group, and another who took some very intriguing photos, and blogged about the techniques

Flickr continues to confirm my main theory about social media – it helps you find people like you, whether you have a quirky or niche interest, or share the same passions as many.

Back to my project – aims were the same as last year really, record what happened, no particular plan beyond making sure I always had a camera with me and taking the photo when I thought about it, rather than miss an opportunity. One thing I mentioned last year as being bad at, is photos of people, and while this year is slightly better – 24 in total [up from 18] contain people, many of these are crowds, or performers (especially in costume, thanks to Rochester’s many festivals), and I just have 2 famous faces, 2 of colleagues, and 4 containing me (although none of those really recognisable – either in reflection, shadow or detail!) Other interests remained constant – scenery, the natural world, owls, libraries and a scattering of steam trains feature. I have continued to experiment with macro, tried to do more abstracts (9), and looking at the set as a whole, it struck me how many featured circles (15).

On to update the fairly random statistics I reported last year (with the previous year figures in brackets where relevant)

Total images posted in the diary: 365 [hurrah again, mission accomplished]

Most viewed – by a long way my most viewed photo of all time, and one that was completely unplanned.



A combination of smooth ripples and the colourful clothes worn by people on the bridge meant this shot of the reflections on the lake in St James Park captured peoples attention: 674 views, 47 favourites and 36 comments.  This photo also made it to ‘explore’ – one of the 500 photos flickr features each day, which I’m sure gave it more exposure. [last years top photo was Explore your library with 133, which has continued to be popular – reaching 216 views during 2011)

Number of diary images which appear in my top 20 all time most viewed: 4 [last year it was 2]

Number of diary images wich appear in the top 20 all time ‘most interesting’: 9 [last year it was 6]

Total views of photo diary images during 2011: 21,111 [8,680 in 2010]
Average views of each image:  58 [24]
Total views of all published photos during 2011: 49,791 [22,577 in 2010]

Categories include:
event/date specific: 54 [about the same, 41, although my definitions of this category are non scientific!]
local photos Kent) 48 [many fewer than last years 95 – guess I felt I’d already captured local views?]
London: 86 [more than last years 76, but this years figures are probably bolstered by 28 photos taken in St James’ Park]

Travel related (including day trips and weekends away from home): 55 [43 in 2010]
This year, thanks to an amazing holiday in Sri Lanka, we visited a total of 11 unesco sites – 8 photos made it into the diary [up from 6 last year]

Owl related: 14 [11 last year]

No snow this year, and fewer sunrises: 4 [7] and sunsets: 5 [6]

The natural world continued to feature strongly:
flora: 49 [43]
while fauna saw huge growth: 41 [17]

Transport included:
more trains: 14 [8]
boats: 5 [6]
cars: 5 [none featured the previous year, although there were 5 planes – and none of those in 2011]
and other transport: 8 [2]

food and drink: 23 [12]

Two other notable photo/social media related anecdotes from my world last year, both are a credit to my colleagues (although one did tangentially feature in my diary too!). First Russell, and the amazing spider web photos. He tells the story eloquently in his own blog but it is a fantastic example of how the internet has made these stunning photos visible to a huge audience – over a million views that we can absolutely verify, and countless more via the many other galleries and channels in which they have appeared. It has received numerous accolades, not least being named recently as one of the Guardian’s “photos of 2011“. The second is the one I captured an example of  as my colleague is one of the founders of the Burgers and Nails blog.

Nail art

Nail art

A simple concept – take a photo of hands with carefully manicured and/or decorated nails clutching a burger (preferably gourmet) and submit. This blog saw a huge rise in popularity when it was featured by the Huffington Post.

And finally, yes, keeping a photo diary is addictive, and yes, I have already started on Project 2012  – potentially an interesting year, and of course the difference already from my previous 2 sets, is that this set will I hope end up with 366 photos. Thankyou to all who have commented on or added my photos as favourites, I hope you continue to enjoy them!