Went to see a presentation of the recent report from Transform: Digital Maturity Index 2011. Previously focused on how private sector businesses were adapting to oportunities offered by the web and social media, this year they also interviewed people across the public sector, and were able to draw some interesting comparisons.

One anecdote that stuck with me was a comment from one of the researchers, about how a business he works with (no names, but I think it might have been in the telecoms sector) is now making an awareness of digital a primary factor in their recruitment process. This doesn’t have to be evidenced by something the applicant has done in a work role, it could be a hobby or voluntary activity, or simply the fact that they have an established online persona. Once this is proven, suitability for their role within the organisation comes next – whether it be in sales, business analysis or technical.

It struck me that if we are to achieve digital by default* across the public sector, it could really start to become completely second nature if a similar approach were to be taken with new recruits.

* the oft quoted description for the aim that services will be designed first to be delivered online, with the intention that the majority will be able to use them, and only then will alternatives be worked out for those who for whatever reason cannot.