Hard to believe its 12 months since the last one (which focussed the attention of bloggers around the world on climate change) – but an equally compelling subject this year : Water. I’ve been reading lots of the other interesting posts from other participants in Blog Action Day – including a good one from my colleague Russell who has crafted an interesting piece around photography and water.

The theme is so central to the work we do at DFID, that I could abdicate from original thought here and simply point you to the series of blogs we have published throughout today –  thoughts from the front line of development ranging from Chronic irrigation in Afghanistan, a colleague from India who writes about water and climate change, memories of a career tackling water issues around the world from Simone, and water, health and sanitation issues in Mozambique

However, to follow up my usual theme of how the web and innovative tech can help development, I looked back over my delicious tags, as I know I’ve marked a few innovations and gadgets over the year with a watery theme (and many ingenious ideas have been discovered via Wired UK). Here are just a few:

  • Play pumps have always been a fascinating idea to me, and Chain reaction have chosen them as the subject of their post today
  • This I thought was a genius idea: the lifesaver bottle that purifies water from muddy pools and dirty streams
  • I love the drop net invention which harvests water from fog – but don’t survival experts manage with a bit of old plastic sheet?
  • And I can’t find a link, but I remember reading about an invention that meant you could collect water in a huge barrel, too big to lift, but which you then turned on its side, attached a handle and rolled it home. Not really tech – but ingenuity helping to make life easier
  • Finally, not a gadget, but an excellent visualisation from the BBC – a map showing the people at risk from water insecurity – another example where thousands of words are suddenly brought into sharp focus by a single illustration

So – support Blog Action Day go visit the site the main site – see all the fascinating and enlightening things that people have written.