Its a busy time of year for people getting together to canvas ideas, work together, and at the end of it, come out with stuff that is both innovative, and really meets peoples needs.

Three events which are in my calendar at the moment:

  • For people doing stuff with government information, keep an eye on the Rewired state website – a whole series of events is planned
  • For people who want to explore what can be done with aid data – look at the Aid information challenge website
  • And finally, for the people who want to see ultra local solutions, have a look at something planned for Kent: Transformed By You. Simon Wakeman has blogged about the event, there is a main site for signing up, plus a uservoice forum where people can put forward ideas and vote on tose which will be developed on the day
  • PS:  in signing up for this, I have found out about a Kent CC initiative: Pic and mix A site I need to take a closer look at – it aims to open up Kent datasets and offers some intriguing ideas as to what might be done with them – anyone for a tour of the most haunted places in Kent?