Although the snow prevented people attending the conference that was the main reason for me travelling to Washington, it wasn’t able to stop everything. In fact, thanks to a combination of skype, gotomeeting, wi-fi and someone with good contacts, I was able to give my presentation today to a group of people. They may have been close geographically, but all were unable to actually be in the same room.

It wasn’t the smoothest of technical set ups, and while the audience assured me that they could hear me, I couldn’t hear them, so all interaction was via them typing questions, and me speaking, but contact was made, and I hope some interesting experiences shared. Questions raised reassured me that we are facing similar challenges both sides of the Atlantic.

I’ll post later on some of the actual subjects covered, but I just wanted to share the situation – laptop plus the right tools, plus a connection to the web – we laugh at the worst snow in years!