As something to distract me from work I decided to do a photo a day project this year.  I started mine, storing them in a folder in my normal flickr account – then heard via twitter about a flickr group. Joining that, and seeing what other participants choose to publish each day perfectly illustrates to me the joy of flickr. You see things you would never otherwise look for, and get ideas for different approaches and styles.

Early days at the moment – although I’m pleased to have made it to the end of the first month. Besides recording the moment (my favourite  sort of photography), I also have plans for themed weeks. However, to date, the only days I have made plans, I have actually found good images purely by chance.

One of the best pieces of advice I read on a blog (definitely not an original idea, this photo a day thing) : always have your camera with you.

Other photography-related items which have caught my eye around the web recently:

  • Britain Loves Wikipedia – an interesting crowd-sourcing project which asks members of the public to visit participating museums and photograph the collections. Photos will then be made available under a free licence on Wikimedia commons
  • British Wildlife Photography awards – being promoted by the National Trust. Which reminds me, still have time to go and see the Veolia wildlife photographer of the year exhibition at the Natural History Museum
  • Not just photographs, but another interesting crowd sourcing project is Wildlife near you
  • Also found another site specifically designed for people doing photo-a-day projects: Blipfoto
  • Finally, via flickr, a useful site with various tools to help you do fun things with your photos – I like the look of mosaic maker