I’m finding it slow going getting back into things post Christmas, but I just read an excellent short post by Euan Semple: Why blogging will (still) change the world and it reminded me why I believe this is an interesting medium to use to communicate.

In fact over the holidays, when I really was trying to take a break from all things web, I still found myself checking feeds, dropping in on twitter etc. The good thing was feeling less guilty for getting sidetracked by items that were completely nothing to do with work – after all, I think some of the best ideas come from seeing what is happening in other sectors, and its great when you get that eureka moment and find something you would never have thought about, but which is a perfect solution.

A selection follows of the sort of things I found interesting over the last week or so, social media and development related:

And finally, an amazing set of photographs from a  photojournalist who spent 6 weeks living in the slums of Nairobi, then Jakarta, Caracas and Mumbai: Planet Slum