Warning – realtime search can be addictive! An article in Information World Review added a couple of new tools to my list – and reminded me to revisit a couple of others:

  • Collecta I’ve looked at before – includes tweets and blog posts. Interesting 3 column layout which gives results in the middle, with the first couple of lines of the most recent, or selected item in full on the right. I think I surprised one blogger who I discovered via this tool on Blog Action Day – posting a comment I guess seconds after she had published
  • Icerocket – whose Big Buzz search is interesting – displaying search results for blogs, videos, news and images all on one page.  The article claims Big Buzz includes twitter – but it didn’t when I looked – you had to click another tab
  • OneRiot is the star of the article, as far as I can tell because of the huge amounts of investment capital it has attracted, but I was puzzled by the short results lists it returned – more testing needed
  • Scoopler – good range of results, and I liked the ‘peek’ option, which brought up the item in a new window
  • Itpints is listed as ‘a small player’ and one article I saw claims it includes twitter, friendfeed, technorati and youtube, but most of  the searches I did were overwhelmingly filled with twitter results – plus a few results with mysterious identifying icons – only one of which I recognised – as flickr
  • I’ve mentioned Surchur before, and still find their real time dashboard intriguing
  • Not forgetting the accurately named Addictomatic which I still love for the clever way it displays results from 18 different sources,  including videos, blogs, newsfeeds and others

Finally, for people who really like to explore different search engines, Phil Bradley has put together a huge list.