After the amazing map of Africa mentioned in an earlier post, which illustrates well how a picture can say much more than a page of text. I’ve been noticing sites which offer examples of the power of images. I was fascinated by the blog information is beautiful which has some extremely topical visualisations.

And continuing the theme, IMF data mapper site – limited data to choose from at the moment, but an impressive idea as to what might come.

Thanks to Marisol, I saw the Trendsmap – see what people are twittering about round the world.

From visualising data, to real photos – although this tool seems a sort of hybrid between the two: Photosketch (thanks Phil for the pointer)

And finally, a couple of collections showing what can be done with the aid of a computer (and, I suspect,  a lot of patience).  I was intrigued by this collection: polar panorama photos amazing circular pictures, each a little world. And these examples of tilt shift are just confusing!