Seeing the adverts for this years Africa Gathering reminded me of the fascinating things I saw at last year’s event : one which is really proving itself is FrontlineSMS – which recently was awarded a laureate at the 2009 Tech Awards.

Thepresentation that most stuck in my memory was Afrigadget – a fascinating site ‘dedicated to showcasing African ingenuity’ which I recommend to all. A team of bloggers highlight  all sorts of simple inventions – check out the FLAP bags – I can see those catching on.

And in the way of the web, dishing up serendipitous links when you are thinking of a particular subject , this weekend I noticed 2 blogs – one post which highlighted the recent Africa Makers Faire in Ghana – more ingenuity there, plus  a blog that Road to the Horizon pointed out- Woody’s blog about poverty in the Congo. Worth dipping into – he uses pictures and brief posts to illustrate all aspects of life.