A dip into the endless variety of the internet: 3 intriguing blog posts and a fascinating site :

  • http://www.worldometers.info/ – real time world statistics. Almost hypnotic to watch how some of these grow. Sad to see how many species have become extinct already this year
  • Actually this is really 4 blog posts in one – but I came across Sarah Lay’s one first. She talks about some interesting experiments in local authority website – in particular the extreme example of Lancashire who have replaced traditional navigation with a google style front page. She links to Carl Haggerty, Stuart Harrison and Michele Ide-Smith who have written equally thoughtful posts about the same subject
  • Older post from Christian Kreutz – but particuarly valid for my work. He blogs about the value of blogging in the developent field – and as we are running a series of open sessions for colleagues over the summer, where we introduce them to the opportunities offered by social media tools, this is a good link to add to our handouts
  • And finally, a blog post from Steve Radick on the evolution of the social media evangelist. There is so much in this piece that I recognise!