Its a sunny afternoon, and what am I doing? Working on a laptop…… well, at least its wireless, so I’m not at a desk.

I’ve been talking about this for ages, so finally thought it was time to stop talking and actually start typing – so all the snippets of information, links to things I found interesting, reminders and links to things I want to highlight can finally all be found in one place.

Despite my day job, I’m really not used to actually doing the production of this sort of thing myself…… although I’ve long had a random selection of accounts in a whole variety of tools and channels, and have even fiddled with a basic website. However, now to launch into the blogosphere – I’m sure it will take ages to actually deliver all the ideas on my wishlist – but I’ve got lots of amazing people to inspire me – I’ll share just as soon as I work out how to add a blogroll to this thing……